20 August 2008

God Bless you and Goodnight

I heard today that Adrian Sudbury has lost his battle to Leukaemia; he was only young (late twenties) and had tirelessly campaigned for more information about bone marrow donors to be given to 6th formers and leaves us with the task of carrying it on in his memory.

To Adrian's family my commiserations, his endless humour and charm made him someone special and he won't be forgotten, nor will his endeavours.


AnneDroid said...

26 is so young. How very sad.

gemmak said...


I got the news first thing this morning...very, very sad. He was one of the most inspirational people I will ever have the honour of 'knowing'.

Rest in peace Adrian, you were one in many millions.

Sage said...

I was expecting the news, but hoped that he would have more time with his family. He did at least get to have his last birthday with family and friends and I had forgotten that when I wrote he was 26 he was actually 27.