03 August 2008

3rd August

Today was the anniversary of two things:

16 years ago I had to say goodbye to my Mum. She was only 61 and right up until her death was full of energy and life; she died because one of her heart valves failed as a result of rheumatic heart disease as a kid. Dad and I missed her very much, it was a shock then but we both felt blessed because she didn't suffer.

18 Years ago Sam and Tegwyn were born, we became their family about 8 weeks afterwards and though neither of them are still alive, today would have been their birthday. We only found this out when we were tidying up paperwork after Mum's death and it seemed appropriate that she slipped out of this earth on the anniversary of their entry. Particularly as Teg slipped away on the anniversary of Mum's birthday - 9th July.

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Janet said...

Those kinds of anniversaries are always difficult.