27 August 2008

Report - Part 2

Saturday dawned fair and bright and SOH and I had a breakfast of Sausages and Bacon with cereals washed down with a coffee together with some fellow campers.

We met up with Sam Manicom, and I brought a folding wash bowl (very useful) and had a chat; he gave me a copy of Under Asian Skies - Thank you Sam and the inscription reads

To a friend who knows the value of two wheels and an open road

I am saving it as my book to take to France which scarily is just over a week away.

Saturday afternoon we decided to go on the organised walk to Broughton on the Heath, the temperatures were well up at this point in time and we anticipated a gentle stroll to the village followed by a refreshing drink at the local hostelry.

Afterwards we could laugh, but at the time it seems more like a route march and having arrived at the village green we eagerly looked around for a pub but this was a dry village.. so another 2 1/2 miles back to the campsite in the heat before we could assuage our thirst.

As we cooled down post the walk we noticed a lift of gliders in the skies above the campsite, although I have posted the photograph I took here, you won't see all the 16 aircraft until you click on it. lift = collective noun for a number of gliders flying the thermals.

Saturday night found us back in the Wellington, along with both new and old friends, for a steak and pint before we headed back to the campsite and the evening entertainment of the Yetties - who were really very good and had all of us singing along by the end of the night.

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Hummmm, you really have 'dry' villages there?
And France? How fun (I think, depends on the reason, I guess for the trip) Is it far from you? Do you go often?
Sounds like your evening was most enjoyable!