08 August 2008

Introducing Perky

The trailer that we picked up on our day trip to Harrogate, which saw us take in the famous Tea rooms, has been brushed up, repainted and generally mostly restored. We only have to paint the internal part and we haven't yet had chance to find some gold paint.

It is only a small trailer, well you don't want to take too much with you when you are camping using a motorbike, but will enable us to use the new tent, and have a table to eat at.. still trying to track down a pair of chairs that are both comfortable and fit in the trailer; but you do need to have room to bring those essential things home you buy on holiday (or take for that matter)

SOH has now fitted the towbar to his bike, he just needs to wire it up for the electrics and we are still waiting for a book to arrive from Amazon with the required wiring information in.

Hopefully I will get a picture of the bike and trailer attached so you can see the two together as it is hard to tell from this picture, what the size of it is.


Janet said...

I WILL have a motorcycle someday.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Sage! I've finally your blog loaded...it is 3:15 am MY time...will leave this here for the night (?? sleep time) & begin reading to get caught up on your happenings! haven't even gotten back to your Lavendar recipes yet!