15 August 2008

Who would you invite for Dinner?

If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone living or dead, who would you invite and why?

My list, I restricted it to 6 people plus me and SOH, are :

Tom Reynolds, he sounds fascinating and more than just another blogger he was also the one who inspired me to start.

A Cowboy's wife, it seems to be a hard life, but what tales she might have to tell and I would love to hear about their early years setting up in the homestead.

James Mitchener - novellist of Chesapeake Bay, Texas, Centennial etc... I love his books and would like to know what made him write the way he did.

Randy Pausch, sadly lost his battle against Pancreatic cancer last month, I was fascinated by his 'Last Lecture' and I am going to buy the book but he can hold an audience in his hand so easily.

and lastly my parents, who I lost 16 and 6 years ago this year. I would like to know that they are safe and happy where they are and that they are still loved very much.

So who would be your six? go on, be my guest put this on your blog or comment on this one.. no pressure.


Asclepius said...

I can only think of five, they would be -

Winston Churchill - I honestly believe that in wartime he was the greatest leader this nation has ever seen. His speeches kept the nation together, and made sure that even at its worst Britain was still a nation worth fighting for.

Sir Derek Jacobi - Brother Cadfael and star of I Claudius. A truely magnificent actor.

Dr Olivia Judson - A Biologist and Evolutionary Scientist. Firstly a credit to her field but also a lady who has time and time again found unique and effective means of teaching a very complicated subject matter. If I have any heroes, she is one.

Socrates - Its always fun to have a drugged up madman at a dinner party.

Bruce Dickinson - The man is an inspiration. Not the usual sex, drugs and rock 'n roll rocker.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow! Thank You Sage! I'd come tonight but think I'd miss dinner! May be there in time for breakfast tho! Did you read my post for the day? I'll try and dig some of them up to post!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh SAge, I forgot...
I hadn't heard about Randy's passing! WTH was I??!! I LOVED hi "Last Lecture" too!

dickiebo said...


Sage said...


Loved Derek Jacobi in Cadfael.. and would love to come to your dinner party to make up the 6th person. Fascinating choices.

@WOW - did I mention a date? we can make it virtual, we have dinner you can have breakfast/lunch/tea (pick the most appropriate) and we chat over the internet. Never give me an excuse hon lol

Dickie - fascinating answers on your blog...

Marcheline said...

1. Judi Dench
2. Derek Jacobi (LOVE CADFAEL!!!)
3. Kenneth Branagh
4. Dan Radcliffe
5. Shakespeare
6. Angelina Jolie (but I'd save her for dessert - ha!)

Sage said...

@marcheline I can imagine the conversation between Derek Jacobi, Shakespeare and Judy Dench.. it would be fascinating..