18 August 2008

The Weekend part deux

Saturday saw us drive into Falmouth as we wanted to visit the Cornish store and Trago's (just think wilkinson's if you are from the UK) the weather wasn't very nice, but not heavy rain just a heavy drizzle at times. We stopped for a pasty brunch and coffee but mainly to shelter from the rain.

We got a couple of t-shirts for the french trip, and a mascot for the bikes. Crofty (named after South Crofty Mine which recently re-opened) is a black bear with a cornish flag and a scarf of cornish tartan. I have taken his picture here with the sticker which is going on the trailer and is on the t-shirts. I had seen him in one shop window which was saying he was a limited edition and would cost £25.00.. way too much. Crofty came from the Cornish Store and didn't cost anything like that much.

The afternoon cleared up and we even had some sunshine for the Rugby match Cornish Pirates vs Redruth. SOH was hard put as to who to cheer for as he comes from Redruth but it was a good game, a pre-season friendly which Pirates won 34-8 but it wasn't all going the Pirates way. Some good plays from Redruth given they are two divisions below the pirates.

I forgot to take my camera, so borrowed this image of the game and you can see how many people turned up to support the game. They had over 2000 people there.

Despite the weather turning to drizzle during the game it was good fun and SOH caught up with some old friends.

After the match, we went back to his neice's house for a meal, and I was so hungry I cleared my plate which is always a good sign.


Kathy G said...

Was this a long road trip for you? It looks like a lot of fun.

The W.O.W. factor said...

How fun to get away for a weekend & spend time with friends! Drizzle and all!

Sage said...

@kathyg The trip down is just shy of 300 miles so over the weekend we drove just about 700 miles to see a rugby game (well and catch up with family not to mention topping up SOH's accent).. just think madness...

@WOW - great weekend, rain doesn't bother me in the slightest only the cold as I can't usually sleep in a tent if I am too cold.

Kathy G said...

"...over the weekend we drove just about 700 miles to see a rugby game".

That sounds like something Son #1 did for some of his games with his college rugby team. However, I understand they also slept 5 or 6 to a hotel room, so I think you got the better end of the deal!