14 August 2008

Residing on my Bookshelves

I got told that to get to know someone look on their bookshelves, so here is a glimpse of mine..

I have an eclectic love of books, from the antique to the modern classics most of which are read at least twice if not more often; occasionally I haven't managed to read something the first time around (like A Suitable Boy) but haven't been ready to admit defeat.

So in no particular order:

I have the majority of James Mitchener, the Herrano Legacy, Vatta's War series by Elizsbeth Moon; Most of the Wheel of Time by the Late Robert Jordan and I will never know how he planned to end it but after 14 books he beat me as I could no longer keep up with who was where etc.

I have Robin Hobbs Farseer Trilogy, Alexandre Dumas Musketeers books and the later ones, plus the Man in the Iron Mask; Dickens Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Dombey and Son; Elizabeth Gaskell; Jane Austen Novels; Kathy Reich Novels a match for the Patricia Cornwall series and to go along with these a book on the real Body Farm and its foundation.

Dick Francis sits alongside Nevil Shute collection (a bargain from a charity shop as we had all the novels in red leather hardback editions for £5) which accompanies my books on archeology and astronomics; also the complete Harry Potter books, of which the 5th book took me just under 3 hours to read the first time.

A full set of the BMW Journals from 1980 sit with Terry Pratchett (not yet a complete collection, but getting close); a miscellany of novels about Arthurian times sits next to similar historically veined books by Anya Seton and close to Novels by Diana Gabaldon, Barbara Erskine.

I have 3 full (groaningly) bookshelves and also books which are on temporary loan (I had to promise that once read they have to move on)

So what does this say about my personality?

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