03 March 2009

Just the funniest thing I have seen in a long while

Normally I wouldn't watch a dance competition, but on Saturday evening as I got back in the Comic Relief Let's Dance was on and after making a cup of tea I watched one of the contestants..

Paddy McGuiness and Keith Lemon doing the finale from Dirty Dancing, if you haven't seen it before it is hysterically funny and yet they look mighty fine together. Click here for a link to the you tube version.

I had recorded the rugby to watch later, but was just too tired to do much more than couch potato. The comic relief skit was just what I needed.


Dark Side said...

It was brilliant wasn't it, I howled with laughing, but in some ways they where quite good too.....lol...xx

AnneDroid said...

How funny. I missed it on TV. A lot of rehearsal had gone into that I reckon - funny but actually good too as was said above.