12 March 2009

Any other cures

If anyone has any pet cures for insomnia I would be grateful. I am getting tired of listening to Radio 7 into the small hours of the morning and finding I am listening to a repeat of the programme I heard earlier on that night.

I wish I could just relax and sleep the night away, instead I am trying not to rely on sleeping tablets as they make me so tired in the morning and still only give me about 4 hours of rest a night that I don't feel any the less tired for taking them vs not taking them.

I don't try to go to bed wound up, have tried sitting quietly reading a book though the ratz are usually bouncing around late into the evening so perhaps not as quiet as it could be.

One advantage is that I am usually awake and at the gym by 7.30am, and have it mostly to myself at that hour of the morning to get my 25 minutes of treadmill hell in and then another 10-15 minutes on the cross trainer so I have no excuse when putting on my bike wear of not being able to get into it later in the year.


Anonymous said...

Play a story in your head to help your mind focus and clear all other thoughts out.

Or study something you find really quite boring - eg for me law cases work. Not tried this one, but find myself feeling really really sleepy if I'm tired and trying to study something I'm not interested in so I'm going to give it a go next time!

Dark Side said...

I do find deep breathing can help by clearing your mind of everything, it was something I learnt when I was in therapy and to help panic attacks, I hope you manage to get some sleep soon as there is nothing worse then feeling tired all day...xx

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about trying meditation? Maybe even buying yourself one of these CD's you can get with relaxing sounds such of nature, such as birds, dolphins and sounds of the ocean, etc?

Could be worth a try!

Lins x

~An9eL~ said...

Why, I don't have a "Pet cure", since i don't usually have trouble falling asleep. I once wrote a post about sleeping well though (Copied from somewhere, mostly), hope it helps.


Oh and by the way, do visit my latest post! I left a little something for you :)

Janet said...

Sorry, dear, I have no help to offer. I haven't slept through the night in 5 years, but it's not because I couldn't. I'm not allowed. :)
They do say, though, that rather than tossing and turning, just go ahead and get up and do something for 30 minutes or so, then go back and try again.