13 March 2009

Despite the Red Noses

There is an air of gloom and despondency prevailing at the moment, yet I believe that the majority of people will dip their hands in their pockets for those they perceive to be worse off than them after all, the majority of us have clean water, sanitation and power.

After all what could be a better boost for the world than for all of us to make someone's life a little better, and it doesn't always have to be about money. Many people have skills that can be used to help others, even if it is talking to them about their deepest fears, or providing a shoulder to lean on.

Me, I signed up to Race for Life in July, in aid of Cancer Research. Partly because it is a way of motivating myself to get fitter but in return a valuable charity will benefit from any sponsorship I get. As it is only 5K I am confident about doing it as my daily gym sessions have me doing 2K in 35 mins on a treadmill, so I am also looking at some 10K events as well later in the year. Definitely won't be running as I have a problem with my co-ordination and running together with breathing seems to be something I can't get to grips with so a fast walk is what I am aiming for.

This weekend I am spending visiting friends, they of the supporting shoulders and words of comfort that I have needed after the past couple of weeks. Should be good to have a break of sorts, the Ratz have enough food and water for two nights and I am sure although it will be quiet for them it won't be enough to turn them feral.


Nicey said...

Have a good weekend and keep your chin up.


A. said...

I did a Race for Life a few years ago, like you, at a fast walk. It was exhilarating to finish, I must say, and I felt full of energy for days afterwards. Good luck with everything!

Dark Side said...

Have a lovely weekend Sage and I am very proud of you for doing Race for Life..xx

lindsayslife said...

I hope that you enjoy your break Sage.

Good on you for signing-up to Race for Life!


Annette said...

Well done for signing up for that run.
Have a lovely weekend Sage, you deserve it.

Janet said...

We have Relay for Life. It's a 12-hour overnight session. People walk or run as they feel like it, but it's similar in that they get pledges for how far they go. I was part of the entertainment two years in a row, as well as walking. I don't run either. Your reason describes me well.