26 March 2009

The world of Wise Herb

Today Spring is arriving surprisingly warm despite the wind, the magnolia tree (almost a month behind schedule) is starting to show cream blossoms and will probably be over by the time I get back from my visit to Zeltus. Though I will admit to not liking this windy weather we are suffering, though I believe that is normal for March. In like a lamb and out like a lion is the old saying.

Zeltus has given me a shopping list to take, including galaxy chocolates, white/onion sauce and beef suet for his christmas puddings amongst them but also some other things which I will pick up at the delights of Milton Keynes on Sat. Yes I will face the hordes of shoppers at the Mall, by getting there at the crack of dawn, and leaving before they arrive in their hundreds. Despite the wide aisles in the centre, they all appear to want to block the way by walking three/four abreast or suddenly stopping in front of you when they see that 'oh so essential item'.. meaning you cannon into the back of them and then have to apologise. Perhaps you see now why I don't go very often to this amphitheatre of gloom.

I have to also get some euros to take with me, as my keep but also to repay them for their kindness and because it saves me hiring a car in France. On the eating side, I am now down another 3lbs as of yesterday making an official total of 11lbs in total, so I don't think I will be consuming huge quantities of foie gras even if we do go to the restaurant that we usually visit when I am over.

It will be good to have a break, away from here and then I can start to turn the old me into the new me and with new paths to tread along with the old. Great things start with small steps and I am no exception.


Elaine said...

Oooooh, have some foie gras, please.

Janet said...

I'm like that in big stores as well. It peeves me no end when people park in the middle of the aisle.
I'll second Elaine's foie gras request. I haven't had it in YEARS. You couldn't pay me to eat it here, though, god knows what would be in it.
What's the euro/pound rate like these days?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I feel like that in certain stores too!

Hey, well done on the weight loss. That's fab!

If you have any spare motivation, and willpower, could you please send some my way?


Lins x

Dark Side said...

I hope the new year isn't far off from it's emergence....xx