23 March 2009

On a lovely spring day

When I could have been watching the final playouts of the 6 nations, I was actually sitting inside a room, with 17 other people arguing the finer points of administration of the BMW Club. What was worse from my point of view, to get there was over hour and half of driving, I cheated to take the car rather than the bike as it does tend to go on overly long. So I arrived at half past ten in the morning, and we had a 15 minute break for lunch at 13.15 to 13.30.

Because of trying to catch up with messages on my mobile phone and trying to call them back, I missed out on the sandwiches, not a huge issue because I had a protein drink with me that I had instead which compensates when you miss on a meal. There were more than the reasonable number of egos in the room and I could feel my enthusiasm for the job waining at at alarming rate especially when old history was being brought up time and time again. If you consider that all these people round the table are volunteers and unpaid for their time you think we could actually work together, but it seems not.

We had another short break at 5.30pm and finally closed the meeting at 6.30pm, I felt exhausted and was glad at this stage I had opted to take the car as you don't have to think too hard as to staying upright. By the time I got home, I was too tired to eat properly, and only had toast and a cup of tea before sinking on the sofa in apathy to watch Casualty and to answer the messages waiting for me.

Thankfully, or not in which case you view it, we only hold these meetings three times a year.


Janet said...

It's amazing to me how many people attend meetings only to hear the sound of their own voices. As you say, at least it's only 3 times a year.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rather unpleasant way to pass a few hours, LOL.