29 March 2009

To France

A friend brought me across to Stansted airport, where I duly checked my bag in using the automatic check-in systems and then stood in line at the baggage drop. It was difficult at first to work out where I should be going but then like a light switch being turned on I saw the light.

I sent some final texts to friends and then headed to air-side. Security was more rigorous than when I last flew, but I did manage to get a smile out of two of the security staff when I asked if I should remove my hoodie he said yes, and I asked if he wanted any more.. his reply was are you offering with a big smile... sometimes it pays to have humour. Then passing through the detector I triggered it and got stopped for a frisk, of course women have to do women, but I did ask if next time I could have her charming looking male companion.. she smiled broadly and said she would try and arrange it. I thanked them all nicely, bundled up all my belongings and passed through to departures.

I did some browsing in Dixons and purchased a new set of headphones for the mp3 player, as mine are now showing their age. Then a quick visit to WHSmith got me a sunday paper and I headed for the gate as it was now showing up on the boards. Once there I tried a last call to a friend and then sent some texts before switching off the phone before I boarded.

Prices for drinks on board the plane were overly high so I resisted purchasing anything, and just read my book, the landing was bumpy, haven't had such a rough landing since I last flew to Glasgow with Easyjet and the pilot tried to convince us it was testing the automatic landing device.. right!

Through security once more, and collecting baggage out to the arrivals where Zeltus was waiting. 35 mins later and I am drinking kir while we wait for the roast lamb to finish cooking, though the clocks finally caught up with me and by 9.30pm french time I was quel fatigue and retired for the night.

Tomorrow is another day as they say.