19 March 2009

Positive things

Lists can be useful, and focus your mind. The following is some of the things on my list :

1) I have decided to redecorate the house, overdue by years. Will take some time, but I have enough of that and that isn't as negative as it sounds it will be therapeutic and not only that but some very good friends have said they will help me out with the kitchen upgrade.

2) I have two holidays booked, one to France and the other in the UK. The bike will also get some usage this year at long last as I heard on the grapevine that the weather is going to be stunning. Take it from me :-) I have earmarked places I want to visit while I am in the UK, and just working out the best route. Friends have invited me to visit them, in US and in Australia but at the moment I need to root myself here before I too get the urge to run away from things.

3) The garden is going to benefit from an overhaul, again not a five minute job but I have plans in hand that should see it easier to maintain. I would like to be able to grow my own veg but it is a big garden and can be a bit much at times.

4) I plan to lose some weight, its not healthy nor do I like my body in the shape it is in. I have already made a start and want to continue the trend.

5) I brought a ticket to watch the Barbarians play Bedford next month, though sadly I can't make the Redruth v Cambridge game which I had hoped to do as something else has come up. I am considering getting hold of a ticket to see Northampton Saints play but it may well be next season.

6) I will be going to the Rutland Rally in May, the National in August and the Blackbull in September all bike events and by then I will have fathomed out the GPS connections to my bike. It is bluetooth and I need an adapter and a powerlead as the other one is on the ex's bike and I have no means of retrieving it.

7) I am entered in the race for life, and plan to do this in under 40 mins - it is only 5K in distance and I can walk 2K in 15 minutes now so I don't see this as unattainable. Training is going well for this.

8) I want to reduce the amount of 'stuff' I have and anything surplus to requirements will be donated to others using freecycle or sold if it has a decent value as I believe that I have clutter which though it might come in useful is simply not necessary. Not only that but as I get older I will want to downsize accommodation and rather than leave it to when I am less able to deal with it I plan to start now.


dickiebo said...

Gonna bee (!) a right busy bee, aincha?

Dark Side said...

Ooo I am worn out just readin that little lot, when you have finished yours please feel free to come and start on mine...xx

Janet said...

Redecorating is VERY satisfying. And 1 and 3 will help tremendously with #4.

Anonymous said...

Blimmey, you are going to be a busy gal, though it all sounds very productive!


Annette said...

Well, that sounds like your going to be a busy little bee, doesn't it?
There are times when you need to change things. We, too, are looking at getting rid of all those things in our spare bedroom.(our junk room!)
I bet you'll feel better for it too.

Alison said...

It's a great idea to put a list on here, I feel like doing the same actually. I have made a really good start on the clearing out/donating to charity and recycling front though.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Quite the list Lady! Very attainable though as your mind seems focused!
Redo the kitchen? How fun!
And trips...in your plannings, whether near or far...don't forget Washington!!
I too would love to downsize... my home and my gardens! As much as I enjoy, they also become burdensome.
I'm cheering for you from wayyy over here Sage!
Keep up the momentum!
~Hugs Dear Friend~