27 March 2009


Ok, I might have made a big mistake yesterday thinking Spring had Sprung but with a vengeance Winter is back and with bitterly cold winds it's snow joke... still some years ago on my 18th birthday which is at the end of March I was woken by my Mum saying it had snowed overnight.

Now coming from a family of jokers I was having nothing to do with it, preferring instead to stay in my nice warm snug bed, only to be doused with a handful of snow brought in from the outside.. Needless to say it went down as a memorable birthday in my eyes, not only because of the snow but also that my parents relented and kept one of the puppies from the litter who had been nicknamed Kipper. Never one for male jack russells, my Dad tried to not get attached but eventually the daft pup won him over even if he was not very good at doing anything a jack russell should have done.

When my parents looked at getting dogs much later, Dad was the one who picked out Sam and that dog was intelligent, in a different way to his sister. Sam could hunt a scent and find his own way home, while Teg was a bundle of hunting instinct all wrapped up in a girly dog. I have a picture of her sitting on Dad's shoulders looking at the camera as if to say 'He's mine', and she was right, Dad was hers and she was his, only tolerating the rest of us as though to say she was a one man dog...


Janet said...

Indeed. Spring is a fickle lass.
My sister-in-law has a Jack Russell. She's a great dog, but would do very well with a companion.

lindsayslife said...

Weather-wise - no two days are the same right now, are they?

Roll on summer I say!

As for dogs' - how could we ever live without 'em?

Enjoy your weekend, Sage :-D


A. said...

I was just thinking of you today (grey and cool) because a friend told me that the weather next week is forecast to be beautiful - warm and sunny. Now, I have to say that I think French weather forecasting is pure guesswork - watch two different TV channels and they will give totally different forecasts - but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this coming week.