31 March 2009

Dog Day afternoon

Have been busy entertaining Zeltus's two Parson Russell Terriers, Judy and Charlie. Because it is cold, but bright sitting outside is not an option so I am staying in the kitchen which gets the best of the morning sunshine and kept company by Charlie sitting on my lap adding to the warmth factor. Judy instead preferring her own company and staying in the cold living room.

At some point in time in the morning yesterday, Judy started shaking and we had no idea why until much later in the day when she squealed with pain on being picked up. However this morning she seems a lot happier and there will be no need for the vets but her exercise is going to be curtailed so I will be walking Charlie alone today.

Almost finished the book I brought with me, Elizabeth Buchan - Light of the Moon. If you like tales of WWII and the resistance/soe exploits this is for you, it is a novel but draws on some of the experiences of the people of the time. Another book Between Silk and Cyanide is written by Leo Marks and he was involved in the work of Violette Szabo, this isn't easy to get hold of this book but a very good read if you do find it.

Hopefully today will be a little warmer, and I can get out in the garden for a while


Annette said...

That's right, when in the sun it's lovely but there is a cold wind.
I'm hope Judy is alright. That was a funny thing to happen, wasn't it?
I wonder what caused that?

Janet said...

Hope Judy is OK and it was just something she ate.
Always looking for new books to read - thanks!
So I know what Jack Russells look like - how are Parson Russells different?

Elaine said...

The weather could definitely do with an improvement but at least the sun is shining.

Hope Judy is all right.

Wish I were in France too.......

Anonymous said...

Ooh goody! I LOVE book suggestions. Thank you, thank you, my dear!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh what warmth and love the canines can add to our lives! Maybe Judy was just nervous from not being home??
Work in your garden? Crud! We had snow, sleet, hail, rain and wind again today! I do believe I must have slept through Spring and summer '09 !
Hugs Sage~