27 December 2008

Saturday Satire - Gardening in Paradise

One day God was walking round his garden in Paradise, when he noticed that the fence separating it from the garden of Hell was broken down in one place. He called over to the devil, and pointed out that the fence was damaged, and said that he felt it was the devil's job to fix it.

"Get lost" replied the devil.

God was rather put out by the devil's attitude and rebuked him, saying "Come now, it is your fence, it is down to you to get it repaired".

"Take a running jump" answered the devil.

This made God rather angry, and he said to the devil "Look here, no-one wants to escape from Paradise, so it must be your fence and therefore your job to get it repaired. If you do not get on with it right away, I shall consult a lawyer and sue".

"And where do you think you are going to find a lawyer?" said the devil.


dickiebo said...

And where are you gonna find Sue?

Rae!xx said...

Thanks for my Saturday smile..xx