19 December 2008

and the winner is ......

Thank you all and every one of you that entered to win the waterski-ing westies calendar.

The amount raised in the raffle at the BMW Midland Section Towcester meeting was £73.50 which included the donations as well as raffle tickets sold (see the picture on the right which was written out by Janet & John who host the meetings there).

Which means that there is an outright winner (who guessed £79.00) of the calendar and that is :

I mentioned that there was a link between the number of individual entries (There was 11 entries) and that the Air Ambulance fund will benefit, so and I will put in £1 for each and every one of you for the Air Ambulance fund which will be a drop in the ocean for their finances but will count. Every motorcyclist supports this sort of charity but never wants to be a recipient of their services.

Commiserations to all those not lucky enough to have won but if want to get one of these calendars for yourself (they also do cats, jack russells and hamsters as well) the link to go to is here Paul and Steve would be pleasantly surprised to hear from you.

Trixie, can you email me at wise_herb at btinternet dot com with an address to send it to and hopefully you will get it before the New Year.


gemmak said...

Congratulations to Trixie :o)

How true, the Air Ambulance, a service we hope we never have to utilise but are damn glad is there! I need to make a donation to someone soon, I think I might choose that one for a change :o)

dickiebo said...

Trixie owes Dickiebo!!!!!

Trixie said...

Awwww....tell you what...keep the calendar, put the postage you would pay to me in the donations...and tell dickiebo he can have the calender if he pays for the postage!