26 December 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas

SOH and I had a good day, we were up late, not getting in from the midnight service until nearly 1am but it was a good way of welcoming in Christmas as the service brought together the worshippers from the Anglican, Catholic, Baptist and Methodist churches in the village and each preacher took his/her part in the service.

After a cup of tea, about 7am we headed downstairs to see to the Wabbit and the Gerbil that are staying with us, both were fine but were hungry for the treats we supplied to them for breakfast. Wabbit didn't see to know what the carrots and cabbage was for; we think their owner simply feeds on dried food with no fresh vegetables for treats.

Afterwards with a cup of coffee, suitably laced with a good tot of Jameson's we set to unwrapping the presents intersperced with telephone calls from family and friends.

SOH and I found to our amusement, we each had brought the other the same present of a money box in the shape of a camper van in the Cornish flag design.. we were laughing at all of our conniving to obtain at wrapping of these as we had even brought them from the same ebay seller.

One of them will be used for saving towards a new television, and the other for a new PC; things which we need but are expensive (even in the sales) and need to be saved towards.

We had bug (prawn) cocktail for starters, Donald for lunch, no turkey for us, served with roasted potatoes, carrots, cabbage and brussel sprouts for SOH. Followed by a lovely homemade christmas pudding which arrived from Zeltus just in time for this year served with cornish clotted cream and flamed with brandy we had a lovely time and it was nice just being on our own.

Today we are preparing for travelling down to Cornwall, so posts might be a little sporadic over the next few days..


Rae!xx said...

Aw how lovely, you and SOH were made for each other, matching gifts too, have a lovely break the two of you..xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Ohhhh..great minds think alike! This proves you were meant for each other!! That is wonderful!
Have missed my visits here and glad to see you had a beautiful & magical Christmas!
~Hugs Dear Friend~