03 December 2008

WInter's Morning

The weather here has turned much, much, colder with temperatures barely getting above freezing and yet it is beautiful. Blue skies and sunshine, with icicles on the bushes giving them a silvered look, people dressed in warm clothing with scarves and gloves providing that much needed extra warm boost.

Now I am wishing I had my camera with me to take pictures so you too could see how gorgeous a winter's day can be in my neck of the woods..

However, today, like yesterday and like it will be tomorrow, I will be sitting in a training room with no windows out onto that majestic winter beauty, learning all about Sharepoint as we plan to implement it to manage a number of projects including our Intranet... so this post was to remind me that even though walls surround me, the scenery will be there for everyone who can see it out of their windows.

Enjoy your day everyone, travel safely and carefully


Annette said...

Oh, please take a photo if you can. would love to see it. I love snow scenes cause we don't get hardly any here.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm with Annette, Sage! You painted a winter wonderland, a Christmas scene...I could 'see' in my minds eye, but would love to see for real~through your photos ...as I won't be walking those streets you do in my lifetime...:(
I hope your week is going good my Dear Friend!

Janet said...

Get your office to invest in some of these.


But, yeah, try to sneak in some pictures for those of us who want to be where you are.