21 December 2008

T'was the weekend before Christmas

And shopping was hell,
full of shoppers intent on the melee (yes I know it doesn't rhyme)..
walking this way,
then stopping suddenly, causing me to say 'pardon me'
and sorry for causing you to bump into me.
Shelves were emptying quick as a flash,
people were hurrying to pay with their cash.
Freedom I sought, even in the rain
Shopping before Christmas is always a pain.

We are up visiting friends, and they needed to go shopping in the local Westfield Centre in Derby, now SOH knows I see shopping as a penance, but they do authentic cornish pasties in the shopping centre and we wanted to get one for a colleague at work. We escaped after a few hours, but already tempers were beginning to fray as stocks grew shorter and people wanted items - I was glad to get out in the fresh air and the rain, at least I could breathe better, and walk without tripping over the person's feet in front of me.


Elaine said...

Shopping like that is my idea of hell.

Fire Byrd said...

UGH Westfield! I was working in Derby the day it opened, that was enough never again. I really don't like shopping Malls. And if I have to go it's as the shops open and out before anyone else crowds the place out.I think you deserve a medal for braving the place!

Rae!xx said...

I don't particularly like shopping at the best of times but at this time of year its a complete no no! Thankfully I do most of my shopping online nowadays its been a life saver...have fun for the rest of the day..xx

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I hate this time of year for shopping!

Mum and I are going to tackle ASDA on Tuesday for the last few Christmas bits & pieces and I dread to think how busy it's going to be.


Rising Rainbow said...

We are buried in snow here (when it's normally rain) so I finished my shopping on the internet. I've never tried that before but it was actually quite fun when the packages began arriving. Counting them off.....and such satisfaction when I knew I was done! I may do this again next year even if the rain returns.

Merry Christmas for my end of the world to yours!

Relax Max said...

Better you than me. :)

Nicey said...

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