31 December 2008

Brrr - It's a tad cold

SOH came down with a cold the day before yesterday, but still we haven't let it bother us or any of our visiting relatives and friends, just let them knew well enough to stay away from him or his bugs.

Yesterday we had a quiet day, stayed in and around Helston, walking around the shops and exploring the local area as both of us were quite tired and an afternoon of watching the tv in front of the fire seemed to be a good idea. Well the fire didn't quite happen as we really needed some tindling (bigger than kindling and smaller than timber log pieces).

Today we have gone to stay in the caravan with SOH's neice and will see the new year in with them and then tomorrow we go back to our cottage and the log fire which we are determined we will do before we have to leave on Saturday.

Hopefully all of you will have your own celebrations this New Year, with family or friends or both. Though 2009 doesn't start on a warm note, or with a healthy financial platform, I hope that it does improve as the year goes on, and that you all have a great year ahead.

Peace and harmony to you all, as we bid farewell to old father time who will take the old year with him at midnight and open the doors to the New Year.


Rae!xx said...

Happy new year to both you and SOH....xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh have a wonderful New Year Sage! And I hope SOH's cold leaves soon.
Hmmm..."Tindling"...never heard that term before but I agree, it is a must! Now I can tell Cowboy to cut me some tindling and he'll look at me weird! ;)
2009 will improve...I sense it! So it must!
Happy New Year and I'll send up a toast to you & SOH!!

Relax Max said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009 to you and yours. You have become very dear to our little BritishSpeak group, and to a certain little shy doggie. Take care. :)