18 December 2008

Home Decorating

Putting up the christmas decorations in our house usually involves the absolute minimum.

Checklist :

1 Tree
1 roll of lavender beads on a silver wire
1 roll of silver beads
12 glass stars and tree shaped decorations
2 beaded stars for the top of the tree
6 Candy Cane pipecleaners
1 Door Wreath
1 Door star light
2 Sets of Lights
1 Mantlepiece bough
numerous christmas cards from friends and neighbours

An abundance of love, mixed with laughter and happiness completes the picture.

How do you decorate your house?

Don't forget to put your guesses on the Giveaway post to try and win the Calendar - you have until Tomorrow - Friday 19th December at 12.00 Noon. The more people that enter, the more the Air Ambulance funds will benefit - I will explain in a later post.


Elaine said...

Your decorations sound lovely and somewhat unusual.

Mine are fairly standard - I have a pre-lit small Christmas tree (about 2 ft 6 ins), a rather nice small Nativity scene and lots of small seasonal ornaments dotted around plus tinsel over the mantel and the sideboard and a bit of tinsel draped over the top of the bookcase.

Oh, and I have a wreath on the outside of my flat door.

Trixie said...

That's quite limited compared to mine lol. I haven't a CLUE how many decorations I have for the tree, as it's all higgledy piggledy...VERY garish, NOTHING matches. That's because the decs (including the tree) were all given to me by friends after I left my ex and had left him everything (my 'perfect' decs).

But ya know what???? I love every bit of none matching tat..cause it was given to me out of love of my friends.

Rae!xx said...

I have a white fibre optic tree, a candle arch in the window and some tinsel around the room.

The tree did have baubles and lots of lovely silver and purple decorations and beads until it had been up a day and Belle pulled it over chasing baubles so I decided to strip it, it looks very bare unlit but it does still look lovely lit so all is not lost.

She still has the baubles to play with which roll beautifully across the laminate floor and if she gets bored with that she will carry it to the top of the stairs and drop it down and chase it.....the little love....lol...xx

gemmak said...

Ack! We have to wait til 12.00??!! heh ;o)

gemmak said...

Um....and....I just realised today isn't Friday either! Oops. Duh!

Nicey said...

Mines a bit of a dogs breakfast, 6 foot black tree with some gold tinsel drapped around but their will be laughter and hapiness,


lindsayslife said...

Ooo, sounds lovely and festive!

The folks and I have a funky 4ft black fibre optic tree. A couple of candle bridges, icicle lights drapped over the mantal and 3 cute resin dogs complete with hats from which we hang the dogs' stockings. Apart from that, various bits and pieces dotted around ;-)


The W.O.W. factor said...

Your decorations were beautiful Sage! And I love how you "spelled" them out!
I load my tree with candy canes..the real ones, used year after year. I do always buy fresh ones and any left over at disassembly time, get added to the bag for next years tree!