12 December 2008

The Varsity Match

Funnily enough, after I brought SOH back from hospital yesterday morning, we noticed that the varsity match (Oxford vs Cambridge) was going to be covered on Sky Sports. We actually forgot it was on, and only managed to catch the last half of the game, which Oxford won by a narrow margin 33-29 as Cambridge were fighting back to the last seconds of the game.

I had mentioned it earlier in the year to SOH to see if he would be interested in going, luckily I hadn't actually remembered about it as no way could we have gone to twickenham straight from hospital so it was in our nice warm living room that we watched the game. Perhaps next year we might make a note of it in the calendar to try and get tickets.

But who to support, we live exactly 40 miles away from both Cambridge and Oxford, so both are technically our local team.. it's the same dilemma in the boat race... I have always tried to favour whichever team hasn't won recently as I figure that they need more support than the team which won last time.

The weather forecast for last night was freezing cold, so why didn't I put the car away after I came home with SOH.. instead of which I had to defrost it this morning before I could drive to work..

Though having said that the skies were particularly beautiful this morning. and the scene looking down the road towards the vale would make a glorious jigsaw, just imagine trying to work out the colours for the sky alone never mind the rest of it. It's pictures like this that make me feel quite humble in the big plan of things.


Annette said...

Which team???
Oxford of course!

(my home town)

Rae!xx said...

What a beautiful scene Sage, thanks for sharing it with us.

Don't forget the big bright moon tonight the biggest and brightest for 14 years...xx

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures...

I just love the colour of the sky. Gorgeous!


Lakeland Jo said...

yes- that's a lovely picture. I have to admit to loving Oxford, and the more I go the more I love it.

One day I would love to do a post grad there- when teenager is all grown up.