07 December 2008


I did an unusual quiz on line, you pick out pictures which appeal depending on the question and then it analysed your responses.

It said :
You're romantic in your outlook with a bit of a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin. You always take the first dip.

When it comes to art, you appreciate precision and hard work. Nothing is more impressive than real craftsmanship, You love how music helps you unwind and switch off. Music transports you far away from the everyday grind.

You're insatiable, your thirst for affection never drops. You are happy to live highs and lows; you are fiercely loyal and passionate. You like to be a part of the big picture.

When it comes to holidays, there's no stopping you once you have the tast for adventure. It's a chance to explore activities that you don't have the time for in your day-to day life.

You're a bit of a nostalgic deep down. Nothing beats the good times that you and your friends have shared. You're always up for a trip down memory lane.

When you think of freedom, the great outdoors spring to mind. Getting back to nature is a big draw, it's the perfect place to find peace and quiet.

If you want to try it, go here http://youniverse.com/


Annette said...

I've just done it.
Will print the result.
Thanks for that.

Rae!xx said...

Ooo I am going to do this too, watch out for the results..xx

Janet said...

I did this one but I didn't save the results so of course I can't remotely remember what it said. And I'd be willing to bet if I did it again it would be different.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Sage...this is exactly how I imagine you! I'm glad you shared this!!
~Hugs My Dear Friend~