01 December 2008

Musical Musings

I saw this post over at Hippocrates got Lost... very good site to visit and it inspired me to post what music describes me...

Arlo Guthrie - The Motorcycle Song - I love being on the bike, despite as sometimes this year the weather has been inclement and we haven't made the time.. next year will be different.

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots were made for Walking I love getting out on the footpaths and hills around where we live, since the dogs died I haven't made enough time for doing this but next year will be different.

Johnny Cash - These Hands - calloused and old....worn but caring.

Enya - Only If - sometimes you have to take the chance, the first step into the unknown to see what might happen.

Enya - Wild Child - remembering the child within, who still likes to be a child at heart but is forced to be an adult.

Enya - On My Way Home - it's nice to be going home to SOH each night.

Neil Diamond - Red Red Wine - one of my favourite drinks

Cerys Matthews - Calon Lan - The Welsh National Anthem to acknowledge my Welsh heritage

Small Faces - Up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire - where we are now

Jethro - St Just, Cornwall - Cornish Proms Trelawny's Men Cornwall, where we want to be in future.

My philosophy on life Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life

What's your musical life?


Rae!xx said...

Very different to yours, I might have to do a post over at mine...lol...mine won't be half as interesting though..x

Annette said...

Michael Jackson and Marc Bolan.. T.Rex.
Also I'm now into opera, La Boheme is my fav. All that lovely music...brings a tear to your eyes.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I love Nancy Sinatra - These Boots were made for Walking! I too love to get out and walk, explore!
And you got me...I not only LOVE Neil Diamond..but Red Wine? Yep! it's the best!
I just might have to plan one of these too!
~Hugs Sage~

Janet said...

This is really interesting. Mine would be very similar to yours. I will have to contemplate this one.