08 December 2008

The first - of our christmas lunches

Yesterday we headed up the A1 to Greetham and the first of our Christmas lunches, it was blue skies and sunshine on the way up, and very icy on the roads. SOH drove up, so he could have a drink with lunch as this time of year the police are (rightfully) on the hunt for drink drivers. The BMW club Midland Section holds its annual Christmas lunch, ably cooked by two members and willing victims (or was that family volunteers) and turn out 50 beautifully prepared roast turkey and all the festive trimmings Christmas lunches including a choice of trifle or Christmas pudding, for the attendees who pay a meagre sum of £10.00 per head.

This year was no exception, many of the crowd had been coming for years, yet still welcome new people to the ranks, and take care of those who this year have been unfortunate to lose their partners in life and crime by ensuring they were included in the festivities and even going so far as to present one person with a petrol can as he apparently drove his car dry trying to obtain ever more cheaper fuel; luckily he saw the funny side of it and joined in the hilarity.

SOH and I donated some of the raffle prizes, some of which were presents to us from other people but not to our taste and we hoped they would find a better home. One lady won a hand-sewn sewing box and pin-cushion in pink with stars on it and it was her first choice, far better for her to take an use it that it sit an languish in the box it had sat in since it was given to me and I know the friend who gave it to me wouldn’t mind me passing it on if she knew that I wouldn’t use it. The raffle raised over £113 pounds for the air ambulance that we support.

On the drive home, we saw some of the most spectacular sunsets, but as I was driving I couldn’t take the photographs I would have liked, but one bridge near Bedford caught my eye as a cyclist was passing over it and both he and the bridge were in stark silhouette against the magical red sky. The photo I found here is similar but a different scene showing a windmill, but it still is very beautiful sight.

This friday night, we have the departmental christmas dinner, and then on Sunday we have yet another.. is it any surprise that we are not having turkey for our christmas dinner?


Janet said...

Oh my. Even we haven't started the food thing yet. Ours tend to all be concentrated in the last couple of weeks.
The windmill picture is beautiful. I would like to see your own picture as well.

Nicey said...

Likewise no turkey for me as yet I am still on the drinking stage, our xmas dinner in London is in Thai restruant, and yeah nice pics !!


Rae!xx said...

My round of xmas dinners doesn't start until next week and I only have a couple this year.

The sunset looks amazing...xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Just think! You don't have to do much cooking during this season! This sounds like a supper, not lunch! Be sure and save some room for that all the desserts you are planning to make!
You aren't you?...then sending me a bite of each? ;)

Have a wonderful week Dear Sage!