30 March 2011

Weather Forecast

Typical, this is what I got for my birthday... doh!

Somehow, I don't think I will be doing much sunbathing today! Nor will the boys and I be going to Gwithian beach.... lovely as it is, I can't say I fancy getting drenched unless it is with sea water..

Which leaves me the delightful choice, of either the planned tidy up, or start the painting... my, my, how the joys of home owning seem to take over the days away from work..

Now unless the sun god blesses me with a few rays, I will be either busy trying to sort out things to sell, from the excess stuff brought down from the Back of Beyond, or painting the downstairs toilet a fetching shade of lilac.

Unless someone has a better offer of course, but apparently my texts to Sean Bean have met with complete indifference as has Coach Trip's host Brendan; either of whom I could willingly spend the day with.


Jennyta said...

Well whoever gave you that, you'd think they could have stretched to a map of the whole of Britain! ;)

Relax Max said...

Today is your birthday? Why didn't I already know that?

I'll throw you a one-day-late party at the pub. I will. Cake and ice cream and funny hats and the whole works. Even some sunny New Mexico weather.

All you have to do is pretend you're a day younger. :)

A. said...

A belated happy birthday from me! I hope your day turned out as you would have wished, even without the sun.

Kath said...

Happy birthday, my little herb, hope you had a good day, despite our British weather. I would have sent Johnny Depp over to dog your garden, but he hasn't finished my ironing yet LOL