29 March 2011

Introducing the two boys

I have mentioned our new dog, Jasper, and many of you hinted... well a couple mentioned that you would like to see the pictures.. and some of Murphy as well.

Well they have relaxed, which is good, and some sunny days has allowed a couple of pictures to be taken so here they are in the garden last Wednesday.

They had just finished a playful session in the garden, over a chew toy which actually belongs to Jasper but Murphy has it in the background.

Jasper is as thin as a rake, and is on extra rations to try and put some weight on him. He has twice the amount of food as Murphy but he tends still to bolt it down as we think he might have had to eat faster to stop his brother taking it from him. Currently we are feeding them separately, to try and get him more relaxed over eating his dinner. You can see him here, lying down in the garden chilling out in the sunshine.

Murphy bless him, has been an absolute star, he has accomodated Jasper with grace, sharing us and the house and garden with no bad manners at all. Even his favourite toy, the football, as shown below is a shared item, with them both taking turns at trying to pick it up and carry it back.

Jasper is currently restricted to exercise on a lead, although we have a long line for him and he is already showing signs of bonding with Murphy, a blessing as apparently him and his brother used to roam from their old house and it is important that we get him confidently coming back to us before he is let off the lead.


Kath said...

Both of our dogs were underweight when they arrived and we fed them little and often. They still have 2 meals a day, but lurchers have small stomachs apparently. Jasper certainly looks like a hansome boy, how lovely that Murphy has allowed his new brother to share.

Kathy G said...

Nice pair of dogs! Glad things are going well with your new boy.