02 March 2011

Shivering March

Brrr it is chilly out there, no sunshine to warm me up and just grey skies overhead.

Murphy had a visitor from the Labrador rescue society yesterday, in our hunt for a companion for him we are exploring all avenues and having a rescue dog meets all the needs of not buying a puppy for exorbitant costs.

We passed the home test, and the personality test (well Murphy did, he loved the visitor) and she has said she will be in touch as and when something comes  up. We have asked for either male or female and age ranges from 6 months-3 years so that the two dogs are not too age distant from each other. We want them to play together and to bond so an older dog in this case is not appropriate.

Murphy was well behaved, as he often is, being quite relaxed and loving. He clearly loves being here with us and his welfare is very important to us so introducing another dog will have to be handled carefully to make sure that he feels just as important as he is now.


Eliza said...

Good luck on the dog hunt. I'd love a dog, but I'll have to wait till I've stopped work. It'll be a rescue dog too, don't want to encourage the puppy farmers.

Kath said...

Good for you. I have always had rescue dogs.Why breed when healthy dogs are being destroyed every single day?