07 March 2011

New Week

Already we are 7 days into the month of March and the year is fast flying by it seems.. the days are getting longer and the sun has a real warmth to it. The walk with Murphy in the mornings no longer require his cissy jacket (ok flourescent one then!) and we even see some sunshine.

This year is special to me, as three people I love will be or would have been 80 this year, SOH Dad will be 80 in July, my Dad would have been 80 on March 17th this year but sadly died 9 years ago at the early age of 71 while my Mum would have been 80 also in July, sadly she too died very early 19 years ago at the age of 61 and I miss them both very much but plan to commemorate their birthdays on the appropriate dates in a suitable fashion when I think about how.

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Kathy G said...

What a great idea to commemorate these important days. You might think about doing some type of good deed, perhaps for an organization that would have meant something to your Mom or Dad.