03 March 2011

Busy Day

Today I was up at the crack of dawn, well as dawn is getting later these days, it was actually light when Murphy and I went for our morning walk.

Remembered to put the bins out,  before heading out to Camborne to see a client, subject literacy, then having done that had to drive to Stithians which would have seen me arriving very early, so I took advantage (forgot the camera bad move) and detoured to Stithians Lake (or reservoir as it should be correctly called) to enjoy a brief break with a cup of coffee while watching the coots grazing the grass with the sun shining into the water behind.. curse for forgetting the camera.

Then onto the village to meet my candidate to discuss both numeracy and literacy and then change of course to Truro centre to meet up with a client there and do an intensive 2 hour session on ICT prior to him taking a test which I won't know how well he did for a few days yet.

While he was taking his test, I was on my way back to Redruth to see my last client of the day... change gear back to numeracy for this client and engage brain into dealing with ratios, proportions and measuring scales before heading back home and giving Murphy a run in the park and then it was time to make tea which was omelettes, nice and browned on one side and full of cheese, onion, ham and mushrooms.. mmmm

Long day but wouldn't have it any other way.

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