09 March 2011

Lots to think about

We have the offer of another dog to go with Murphy, however, it is a 3 year old lab cross mastiff and although described as a lovely nature he is a lot bigger than Murphy. I had a look online yesterday at pictures of what it might look like and I don't know that I am that enthusiastic. We can go and see him, but it is a 200 mile round trip to do so.

I would like to have a dog as a companion for Murphy, but like this morning he was curled up on my lap (well he pretended to be mostly in my lap rather than on the sofa lol) and enjoys his cuddles. Big Softy! I hear you say, well he is and I love him more for it. He is beginning to enjoy living with us, or appears to be, even being playful when we go to bed and play biting although if he gets a little hard we are already saying ouch which makes him release and look ashamed of himself.

So, my dilemma is, do we see the dog or say that we are looking for something else? I want to give a dog another good home, but I am concerned at the potential size of a mastiff cross dog and have to admit they are not my favourite sort of dog but the labrador part could be the making of him..

Any thoughts welcomed..


Eliza said...

Thats a difficult one. If they lived nearer you could just visit and see hoe the dogs get on, but 200 miles is a long round trip. I don't know what to suggest. Wish I could adopt a dog, but I'm just not home enough, and I don't think work would allow a dog :-)

Kath said...

I would follow my gut feeling and keep looking. The right dog will come along, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

If you have doubts, then don't go ahead. As Kath says, the right dog will be along soon enough ... :0)

Shirl x