14 March 2011

Thoughts on Lent 2011

I am not what you might call a religious person. I have my beliefs but they are founded more in nature than someone I might put a name to.

So all in all, why participate in Lent?

I started not long after Dad died, as a means of testing my resolve and believe me it does truly test your ability to not give in to some craving at the first hurdle.

My first years involved cheese, cakes, wine etc... the latter not that successful as I don't drink enough of it to have noticed not drinking it. The cheese really took a challenge to achieve, I love cheese, in all different forms: sandwiches, in toast, grated on jacket potatoes.. it was incredibly difficult to not eat it, checking the ingredients for the hidden cheese factor. The outcome was that I now eat a lot less cheese than I used to and that surely has got to be a good thing.

Chocolate this year is my first attempt, and I am a self confessed chocaholic. I love it to drink, to eat and smell. A week into the challenge and I have already been tempted, on a pretty much daily basic you know the sort of conversations "Go on, no-one will know" to which my answer is "I would know" or "that would be cheating". To make matters more difficult, there is lots of chocolate left over from Christmas still here at Tre Agan so it isn't as if I don't have access to it.

What will I get from it, well a sense of achievement at beating my temptations and sticking to my word.. and I think anyone who does the same thing deserves to be proud of themselves...


Lakeland Jo said...

I know lots of people who are not religious or traditionally so anyway but still follow the lent tradition of 'giving up' or 'taking on'. I would describe myself of a reasonably devout Christian but I don't follow the tradition at all. I tend to reflect and think more at this time however. I was thinking what I would give up if I decided to do so. Cheese would hurt me for sure- I really love it. I think for me not going to Marks and Spencer would be really tough!! Oh dear- clearly more prayer needed

Sage said...

Hi Jo, I couldn't give up books not for love nor money.. lol but it did make me very reflective when I was tempted... it was very soul searching.. after all who knows what I really did but me.. except I am not sure it was just me :-) yep I do think there is a higher power, just not prepared to put a name to it..