23 March 2011

Beautiful Sunshine

A bit of a lazy morning, I managed to persuade both Murphy and Jasper to have a lie in until 8.30 and then we stirred ourselves into having breakfast before starting on some chores.

Washing up done, washing on the line, and we head out for our first walk of the day. Jasper has an acute fear of drains, large or small, it makes no difference; something in his history has made him very scared to go near them.

We had a coffee on our return and put the second lot of washing out on the line. I then stripped the bed, and remade it with clean sheets and linen, and put this washing in the machine.

Lunchtime saw us take another walk, this time over the fields, Murphy can run free as the livestock is far enough away from the footpath, but one style was blocked up that any dogs would need to be carried across it and Murphy is too heavy for me. So we returned. Jasper has a 5 metre long line attached to his harness as he is still in the early days of learning to come back to us.

We have had a request to let the previous owner know how he is getting on, and he is getting on well with Murphy although some of their play fighting leaves a lot to be desired. As I write this, he is in his bed, quiet and asleep even though the door is not locked.. still he will be awake soon enough as it is nearly dinnertime.

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Kath said...

Oh you reminded me about all the snarliy growly play that ours used to do. I was quite embarassed sometimes in public!
I'm itching for some photos :-D