20 March 2011

First Night

So far so good.

We had the choice of the two brothers : Bobbie and Jack, however Jack was the more dominant and so we chose Bobbie.

He seemed to be more playful and less aggressive than Jack, but he doesn't really seem to know his name so we have decided on a new start, new name.. so henceforward he will be known as Jasper.

He has a few bad habits, snapping for food being one of them, and greedy for food; we think he may have had to compete with Jack and so we have a regime of feeding Murphy and him separately in order that they both eat slowly rather than bolt their food down.

Last night Jasper slept in his cage, and Murphy upstairs as per normal. As late into the evening they were still playing with each other..

Early days but so far so good.


Jennyta said...

Sounds like a good start. I hope all goes well and they settle down together.

Kath said...

Roobar was like that, she would take your arm off if you offered her anything by hand. She stopped quite quickly. I think you are wise to feed them seperately, thats what we were advised. SOunds like feeding time was a bit of a free-for-all with the 2 brothers being left to gulp down their meal before the other one jumped in.SOunds like all is going well, I'll be thinking of you. Looking forward to seeing a photo of Jasper.