15 March 2011

Midway through March

and nearly a quarter of the way through the year.. the days are going ever faster with hours flying by faster than I would like.

No doubt for the Japanese peope affected by the earthquake and following Tsunami, hours are going slowly and news is even slower of lost ones.

On Jeremy Vine today, there was more support for Japan than for the African states who despite being poor and in need of help but riddled with corruption. I don't have a lot of spare cash, but in this case if there is an appeal for money I will willingly give it to Japan to help in which ever way will assist them to rebuild.

Japan asked the UK for help, and despite our history and in some cases long memories of atrocities are still held. However to balance that, it was two generations ago, and we have moved on as have they.

My thoughts are with those who don't know where their loved ones are, and hold on to the hope of being reunited as well as those who have lost loved ones in the disaster along with homes and posessions.

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Eliza said...

Yes its awful. Thoughtfilled post.