31 March 2011

A Birthday Treat

I was treated to a day out in Falmouth, a trip to Trago mills got me some seeds for the garden, and some tools for thinning out seedlings.

Lunch was a pasty, and a glass of Cornish Orchards Press Gang. Nice but a little sweet for me.

Dinner last night was a starter of duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce, followed by Char Sui Pork and Sweet and Sour chicken with some wontons. I struggled to finish it all, but it was a lovely meal and the duck was a special treat as I love it but it is so expensive.

A lovely birthday, despite the weather, so much fun when you don't have to drive yourself lol xx


Eliza said...

Happy birthday, another March person. Glad you had a great time, you need to live it up at least once a year. Never mind the expense.

Annette said...

Glad you ahd such a lovely birthday.
I, too, love duck with hoisin sauce, could eat it every day!