22 March 2011

Hamster Look

I woke up yesterday morning with a face like a hamster with two full pouches, I had been suffering a little from being under the weather and had a sore throat for a few days; on Saturday it felt as though I had a mouth full of cotton wool.

I hoped it was just viral, no problems, just keep up the fluid intake, and all would be well.  So college last night was painful as I felt like crap, and concentration was at an altime low. Luckily, we have covered most of the aspects of the course, and attendance now for the next three lessons is not mandatory. On my way home I dropped into the Docs and I came out with a prescription for some Penicillin to get rid of the nasty puss covered tonsils..

Then just to add to the general misery, somehow I have backache; haven't had it for a few months and even putting on socks is so very painful. By evening it will be a bit better, but hopefully it will go away shortly. Walking the boys this morning was on the whole a bit of a pain lol.

Jasper is gradually calming down, he has a few bad habits, but on the whole he has taken to the change very well. He has given Murphy a bit of a hard time on occasion and vice versa, as I type he is lying here on the floor calm and relaxed while Murphy is lying on my feet.

You do have to be careful giving him food as he is used to fighting for his treats with his brother and it is taking a while for him to realise that here there is no competition. However, we are both realistic that his snapping is an issue and needs to be addressed, we are hoping that Murphy's more relaxed attitude (practically horizontal at times) will rub off on him.

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Kath said...

Poor you, I used to get tonsilitus regularly a few years back, mostly when I was stressed.
Sounds like everything is going as expected, a few teething troubles, but they're par for the course. We had a bit of a power struggle, as E had been the only dog in the house, until R came along, younger and unspayed (not for long!).
We tried not to interfere, unless they were knocking furniture over (we adopted R on 28th Dec and we couldnt leave the doors open to the garden).
You'll be fine I'm sure. Get well soon x