24 March 2011

Carn Brea on Fire

Last night, about 7.3pm, I went upstairs to close the windows and noticed the flames on Carn Brea; it was the first time I had seen such a sight, but apparently it is quite common.

Unfortunately it is not down to natural causes, as usually it involves arson. Moreover it is not possible to get water to the fire so the firemen attending have to use beaters to put it out.

Personally, I would like the arsonist to be made to attend such fires, to have to put it out and to explain to residents who were concerned for their houses why he/she would even do such a thing.

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Jo Anne said...

We live very close to Carn Brea, and the Castle and monument are in constant view of every room in our home.
We were actually out when this happened, but I had a text message telling me about it.
~Very sad~