16 March 2011

New Tyres

Kind thanks to SOH for insisting I had two new front tyres on the car, regularly doing 300+ miles for work each month they were on their last legs and probably long overdue being replaced.

Hopefully the financial situation will be sorted soon, as being short of money and therefore dependant on others is humbling.. I have always been independent but at the moment that isn't possible.

Kernowflex have had two days of free time from me for training and another two to go before I can get work with them.. I have some dates for the follow up training but am booked for meetings that I don't want to have to move. Still a phone call should see that rebooked for the near future.

Ideally I need a job of about 12-15 hours a week, I am quite good at administration and experienced in IT so if anyone knows of anything or have any suggestions please get in touch.


Eliza said...

Hope you get something soon. Glad you're safe on new tyres, I need to replace one of mine soon.

Pearl said...

Tires are those non-sexy kind of purchases -- absolutely necessary but not as much as fun as, say, going out for Mexican food.

I hope you find work soon.