15 May 2010

Saturday Satire : What Granny Doesn't Know

A teenage girl started working as a prostitute, but she kept it a secret from her family.

One day she was working at the brothel when it was raided by the Police.

All the prostitutes were lined up on the pavement outside to be taken away, when the young girl's grandmother came along.

She immediately spotted her grandaughter and asked her why she was lining up?

The girl thought fast and told her granny that they were giving out free oranges and they were lining up for them.

The granny accepted this and started walking away, but as she reached the end of the queue she decided to join the end of the line as she liked oranges.

A policeman was surprised to see her lined up with all the girls and said to her, "Surely you are too old to be doing this, how do you manage it at your age?"

The granny replied,"Its easy sonny, I just take out my teeth and suck them dry."

1 comment:

dickiebo said...

Oh dear! Reminds me of 'Gobblers' Gulch' in Hong Kong! Shan't bore you with the details! (Have blogged about it, though!)