11 May 2010


I have been buried in paperwork relating to the new abode, and hopefully in the next few days I will be able to announce a more permanent location for Sage exists and I might even provide some pictures of the view from outside.

The wodge, term meaning more than a little amount, of paperwork duly signed and witnessed is winging its way back to my solicitors to process and as they are holding the money left over from the sale at the back of beyond they should be able to speedily move towards completion. Right, well I mean move with all the speed that solictiors can do without risking any untoward mistakes in the contractual terms and obligations which probably means it would take longer than I would like for it all to happen.

My time at the smallholding is nearly over, and I will miss all of the animals, even the chickens and ducks who are tamer and will even fly into where you are prepping the other animals feed and start pecking at the pig nuts in anticipation they will get some goodness out of it. Merlin and Dillon are young shetland stallions, Merlin is far more laid back than Dillon (who needs to learn some manners before he becomes a biter), they need more time spent with them giving them people skills and working full time means I don't have as much time as I would want to except for weekends; both of them like having their winter coats scratched out and will stand quivering in pleasure.

But the one I will miss most is the big sow, answers to big girl and yet is so tame and gentle (well for 18+ stone of pure pork) that she will take weetabix out of your hand. Her biggest problem is that she loves company and will often kick over her water to get some attention and it is a bit of a trek to carry more out to her, hopefully she won't miss us too much once we have gone.

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Kathy G said...

Good things always take time. Best of luck to you!