13 May 2010

A tribute to a friend

Today, a year ago saw the loss of Elaine, of Old Age is a Bitch. She hadn't been well for some time and yet it was still a shock to read her sisters post telling of her fight for life and finally her loss to us all.

I can remember thinking how sad it was, of all the friendships that she brought together just by virtue of her blog, and how much she meant to her family but particularly to her sister who Elaine referred to just as TBSITW (The best sister in the world) but who I now know as Enid.

Today I will be remembering her, and spending some time reading her blog, which is still up although of course not updated and hopefully soon can make some of her recipes to share with SOH along with a glass of wine (though not noilly prat, which was Elaine's favourite tipple).

God Bless Elaine, your memory will live on.


dickiebo said...

I yesterday put a comment on Elaine's blog. Just to remember her.
She would have 'had words' with me over some of my comments during the elections! She was a real good friend.

Reading up a storm said...

How lovely of you to befriend and remember someone you met on a blog. Our words make a difference, don't they? We all have stories to tell. I have a journal I'm writing in for my future great great grandchildren. What will you tell yours about your "hung" parliament?

E.S. said...

Bless you, Sage, for remembering this anniversary. I spent the day far from home, but not very far from you. At the exact moment, one year on, I was sitting by the shore in Rock, looking to Padstow, with "le chef", my partner, and our two dogs, sharing memories of my dear sister. The last (only other) time I was in Cornwall was with Elaine in 1999, so this was a holiday with many memories.
Best wishes to you and yours, from "TBSITW".