07 May 2010

How much do I care about the elections?

The answer is not a lot, we will exchange one bunch of procrastinating idiots for another, and nothing major will change in my life except for the instability of the pound against other currencies that will affect a holiday we have planned for later in the year, and may affect the price of petrol and other necessary foodstuffs that in turn are affected.

No doubt whoever takes over, will simply blame the current problems on the previous incumbents of the job. Like the Labour government did when it took over from the Conservatives 11 years ago, but someone should point out to them that if they worked together as a team instead of fighting amongst themselves on party policies that don't really mean anything to anybody else they might not have such a situation to resolve.

It would be nice if instead of blamed being attributed to the past, they could all work together to achieve something good for this country; increasingly I am becoming disillusioned by it all and wonder if the grass is infact greener on the other side of the fence.

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Reading up a storm said...

For a minute there, I thought I was reading about our US Congress!! And we don't even have the privilege of being called "hung!"
NatalieHolualoa, Hawaii USA