14 May 2010

Tre Agan (Our Home)

It's officially ours, the money has been wired and I will be collecting the keys to Tre Agan this afternoon.

So long to the old homestead at the back of beyond which now belongs to someone else who I hope is very happy with her choice.

Say hello to Tre Agan, the official residence of Sage and SOH

With views from the front door over to the North Coast and Portreath (only 3 miles away), and views of Carn Brae from the rear it is a good location.

PS. anyone noted that the downsizing didn't really happen as this is also a 3 bedroom house with a garage lol...

Still it has plenty of storage, and isn't too near to town, but not to far away to be within walking distance. Just need to ring the utility companies and sky to arrange for a satellite dish.


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sally-ann said...

Very many congratulations on the purchase of your first 'Cornish' home. We hope you have many happy years of living in it and look forward to meeting up some time - Cornwall bloggers unite!!

Kath said...

How exciting! I did laugh tho, because we have been house hunting in Somerset this weekend, supposedly downsizing, but drawn to houses a similar size to our present house. How lovely to have views too, I cant wait to see them :D