21 May 2010

Brain Drain

With all the heavy lifting duty of the move on-going, we are moving what we can in the car to limit what we have to do on Saturday. The house is therefore full of boxes, probably all in the wrong spot but we don't care. They will get unpacked in time, over time and if not at least are tidy lol

We have a lorry hired for Saturday, and will now move all the heavy stuff like the washing machine, fridge freezer and garage stuff then finally we will be in formally and fully. No more caravan nights for a while, the luxury of a shower or even bath when we want and running water.. it all seems a little dream like at the moment.

With the limited facilities we have in the kitchen at the moment, it is still possible to cook up a decent meal, last night we had jersey royal potatoes, carrots, peas and lamb shanks in mint gravy (the latter being on special from Asda) and it was absolutely gorgeous - who needs a cooker - well actually I do, just waiting on the monies being returned from the solicitors and then I can go and order the one I want... Tesco's here I come, well I might as well bag a swathe of club points which we might be able to use against the hire car for September.

I move stuff in the mornings from the caravan to the house, while SOH moves stuff in the afternoons from the container to the house... still we are both tired, sore and drained by the end of the day and with the warmer weather coming I am finding it a bit stuffy at night so last night I got the window open by me and slept in a nice cool draft of air. Better than the night before when I woke up feeling all stuffy and then developed a migraine which while it didn't stop me teaching, it did stop me driving :-( not too good for work really.

Roll on the weekend, bring the work on... for it is good.


Kathy G said...

It sounds like you're making progress. Does the new house have air conditioning? If so you'll be able to spend the summer unpacking boxes in comfort. If not, I think I'd wait till the fall!

Kath said...

I'm with you 100% on the open window. Every night, even in the freezing weather, we have the bedroom window open. I can't imagine going to sleep with it closed now. When we're in our caravan, we fall asleep to the hooting of many owls in the orchard where it lives.
You must be really enjoying putting your home together.

Reading up a storm said...

Do you have books to put on shelves, Photographs in albums, what is the most important item to get in order for you?