25 May 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

I was lucky, I had an extra day off work to try and get some tidying up done. Moving a few boxes here and there gave us a bit more space in the living room. The washing was hung out on the line, and the sun shone brightly.

I phoned BT again, the fourth attempt to get a working phone line and it is costing a small fortune having to use the mobile and once more we have been told to wait 48 hours and someone will call... I beg to differ and if I have to ring them again there will be trouble!

Then a trip over to the storage container, to pick up the last few things, and hand back the key. If we had waited any longer we would have had to pay more rent, so it was crucial to get things done this weekend just gone, even though it would have been nicer to have had a bit more time to sort things out before taking them to the house; still beggars cannot be choosers.

Into town, and the great address change, now we can do all the licences, insurances, bank accounts etc... a raft of paperwork is about to move so apologies to Royal Mail who are doing well finding us in amongst the building site which is opposite.

Tomorrow is back to work, a more normal day well for me at least. SOH has the heat to contend with as he negotiates his lorry in amongst the holiday makers and traffic works delivering cream and milk to shops and the like.


Jo Anne said...

Sounds like your last few days have been pretty manic - well done for getting so much done though! x

Kath said...

Such a busy time, getting settled in a new house.
Glad it is all coming together.

Anonymous said...

I had to smile to myself at this. I just moved last week, and BT should have appeared yesterday morning between 8am and 1pm to come and switch on my new phone line for my new property at a nice charge of £124.99. Brand new property... no one showed up...

I called at 1.15pm, spoke to a very helpful lady in customer services who apologised and went into the system to retrieve any notes the engineer might have logged, and apparently it said he had been delayed on a previous job... I figured it would have been nice if ‘he’ had bothered to call me and let me know, since they had a record of my mobile number, considering they texted me two days before hand with confirmation of the appointment day and time!

She advised she would chase it up and get him to call me, I explained I had to be somewhere for 2pm, but could be back for around 4pm. So I waited in and promptly went out at 1.50pm. Surprise surprise my mobile rang at 2.05pm, it was the engineer, who had arrived, saying he was sorry but the job had only just been given to him!!!! I explained I was not there and had to be somewhere else, but would be back around 4pm, he took on another job. In the end I was back around 3.30pm and so I called him back, and he eventually came back at 4.30pm and the job was done and took all of 10 minutes if that... £124.99 for 10 minutes of work!

I am not amused, especially since I took the morning off college to wait in for the appointment in the first place...