05 May 2010

Millstone changes into Stepping Stone

I always viewed the house at Cranfield as a Millstone, as I have mentioned before, well as of about 30 mins ago the finances were all sorted out and the new owner has taken possession of the keys.

Ergo, it has now converted into a Stepping Stone, to a new life, a new house and a something that I have long wanted to be : mortgage free.

It is a relief to have had the phone call to say it was all done and dusted. Now we can concentrate on the paperwork for the new house, which is hopefully arriving this week, once signed we will be on our way to obtaining the keys for Tre Agan.

So still a gypsy, but now a free gypsy as I no longer need to make any mortgage payments, insurance payments and miscellaneous other tied payments related to the mortgage. Free from any other bills other than the ones for necessary living like food etc. Tonight we celebrate our non-house owning status and boy are we two happy people living at the Edge of the World.

Wishing the new owner, joy and happiness for her and her family, I hope she enjoys the peace, tranquility that was the Back of Beyond.


Jo Anne said...

Fantastic news, well done x

Kath said...

How exciting, a brand new phase of your life, I hope I shall be joining you in the near future.
Wishing you much happiness in your new home XX