17 May 2010

What fun it is

We had a busy weekend, we are luckier than most in that we can unpack slowly due to the bulk of the goods being in a storage container. I think those people that have to move out of one house and into another the same day or the following day are brave souls, and probably have a removals company to help.

Costs were limiting, we couldn't afford the house and a removals company so have had to do the bulk of the work ourselves and by that I mean SOH has as he provides the muscle; apparently I have a wonderful knack of doing the wrong thing at completely the wrong time even though I think I am helping. So I get to move things that I can move like boxes, and he directs operations.

We have got some stuff in, and we have had our first meals cooked at the house albeit with a combi microwave and a steamer but even so it was more than edible and we enjoyed it very much. The cooker has yet to be brought, and reluctantly even I have come to realise that the lustful item is not going to happen instead I am looking at a double oven by Indesit that is a fairly unique colour of stainless steel (it almost appears to be a pale gold colour). This gives me extra money to spend out on a dishwasher and tumble dryer; I prefer where possible to dry clothes naturally, and I hate spending money on drying clothes but I have a lack of drying space in this house unlike the other house which had a car port I could use to put a clothes line up so hopefully I won't be using it very often.

The curtain poles are going up, they are satin steel extendable ones and apart from a lack of curtains hooks we have at least got one pair of curtains up. and have a working television for those moments when we sit down and have a cup of tea surveying all that we have done and all that we have yet to do.

It is nice to be able to shut the door and know that we are in our own home, all brought and paid for, every single brick and tile :-) we are very lucky people.


Kathy G said...

Sounds like you're really making your house into a home.

Kath said...

What a lovely feeling this must be for you. I wish you much happiness in your new home XX